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When Stephanie is in a good mood it makes the whole house in a good mood. Today was one of those days. She woke up happy, had a good day at school, and had so much to say all night long. Even though the day presented a lot of surprises she loved it all. The power went out twice this morning, just for a few seconds each, while she was eating breakfast. I blamed it on it being a windy day. Then they lost power at school and she was so excited about it. As much as Stephanie likes to know what is going on, she handles change pretty well. She loved when we moved (twice), when we changed bedrooms, and even when we change furniture. She has even been talking about the new car that the wonderful lady who takes her to school each day got last week. She brings it up everyday and looks at the picture of the car on her iPad.

It was fantastic tonight that Stephanie was able to tell everyone what happened at school today. She told Emily, Matthew, and Jeff that the power went out, it was dark, and it happened because it was windy. She wants it to happen again tomorrow. It is not often that Stephanie can answer a question correctly. She usually will just repeat the last thing you said. Because she has limited vocabulary and then being able to come up with the correct words is very hard for her. She works very hard to communicate because she always has a lot to say. Besides the obsession with the power going out and the white car she is focusing on Christmas music and dancing flames. We have an advent wreath that we light at dinner each night and she loves watching the flames move. She calls it "dancing flames'. Surprisingly her song of the week is "Away in a Manger" by Silent Night. It is just an instrumental version of the song with a violin.

We love these days when she is so happy and communicative because we know tomorrow may be totally different. I keep praying for more days like this and less days where her stubbornness gets the best of her. Last week she come downstairs after her shower and said "I like me". Totally unprompted, so sweet and honest, and I agree with you Stephanie, I like you too!

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I like you, too, Stephanie! I also like your shirts. I'm wearing the blue one today. Hope you're having a good day!😘

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