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Busy week

I was able to take the kids bowling when everyone was off of school on Monday. It was a gamble because lots of people were off which means places are going to be busy. But we went right when it opened so it wasn't too bad. I should have paid for 2 lanes that way no one would play next to us but I am too cheap to do that. A family did end up playing on the lane next to us but it didn't cause any problems. Stephanie has trouble waiting and wanted to continue to roll the ball every time. It's not like she doesn't like taking turns it's just the waiting that is difficult, but we made it through with no issues.

Then on Tuesday we went to see Sing 2 at the movie theater. We haven't been to the movie theater in over 2 years. Stephanie loves to go even though she doesn't really watch movies. She is more interested in TV shows that she can watch over and over again so she knows what happens. But I talk her through the movie and pick out parts that interest her. But the rest of the week she talked about it and listened to the soundtrack so was paying attention, just in her own way. We say she is always listening to us and she thinks we are talking about her. Most of the time it is true.

Stephanie loves to dip foods in things that are very unusual. She was having pickles and ham with dinner and asked for some mustard. Then after eating all her ham she wanted to dip her pickles in her mustard and must of liked it because she continued to eat the rest of her pickles that way. So glad she's a good eater and eats pretty much everything I make.

She also was able to get her bangs cut from our friendly neighborhood hair dresser. Stephanie loves getting her haircut! She has learned to be able to lay back and get it washed in the sink and realized quickly how nice that feels. Her hair grows back very quickly and she would get a haircut every week if could afford it.

We made a trip to the library as well this week. I had known our library got fish but I walked right past the tank. But Stephanie stopped and got my attention to come back and see all the fish swimming around. She probably doesn't remember that we had a huge fish tank in our house when she was little. It was a lot more work and stress that we needed but we enjoyed them for a few years. Now we can just go to the library and see all the fish swimming around.

Lastly we went to see the Middle School production of Mary Poppins Jr. I was hoping Stephanie would be able to make it and she did great. She knows the story and the songs but it had been a while since she watched the movie. She loves seeing live shows and hopefully with more things opening up we will have more opportunities to do so. This show was perfect for her because it wasn't super crowded so she could have her own safe space.

Songs of the week are "Sky full of Stars" from Sing 2 and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins.

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