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18 home days

So Stephanie started back at school after New Years with a great 4 days. Unfortunately her school decided they needed to go virtual for the next 18 days. So I stared another sticker countdown to help mark the days. I have told her that she has these home days because her teachers are sick and need to rest. She associated being sick with resting. Not sure if any of her teachers are sick but It's hard to explain the virus to her. It doesn't make sense to her. Virtual school doesn't work for Stephanie so she is using this time roll all the new shirts that came in so they are ready to go when we get an order.

Stephanie was able to celebrate her last Christmas party with family this past weekend. That meant more presents but it also means there won't be anymore presents until her birthday in July. She was happy to get more dolls, a set of 3 Cabbage Patch Kids, more stickers, and little figures to open. She was also happy to sing Happy Birthday to her little cousin PJ. Stephanie did great at my parents house for the combined birthday party and final Christmas. We debate when we go to family parties if we should take 2 cars or not in case Stephanie has had enough and needs to go home early. We usually base it on how the day as gone but we know full well that her behavior can change in an instant. But she made it later than she usually does and even when I thought it was time to go she said she wasn't ready to leave. She changed her mind in a few minutes and then it always ends up being a mad dash to the car. When she is ready to go, that means it's time to go. She does not understand that midwest goodbyes can last a long time.

Stephanie is making the most of her doll clothes and diaper covers. They usually have on at least 3 outfits and 3 diaper covers. She doesn't want any leakage. :) Even her Elmo toy got to join in the with a doll for a nap. There was a time where Elmo went everywhere with Stephanie. He was a Tickle Me Elmo but he hasn't worked since probably a month after Stephanie got him because she would always carry him by the movable arm. She was scared of him when we first got him but then after he stopped working he became a favorite. She may not know how to play with all toys how they are meant to be played with but she finds her own way to play with them that mean something to her. And that's what counts.

Stephanie expanded on her game playing this week. As I've mentioned before she likes to play games but doesn't really understand the concept of winning and losing. She is having fun so in her mind she has won. Seems like a nice way to live. There are some games that she can't play with us but she can either roll the dice or deal the cards. But this week she played some of our newer games, and won. She is a very lucky girl when it comes to games. And since she loves lights and sounds Jeff and I have joked that she would love Las Vegas. We have pictures of Vegas around our house since we've been there a couple times together. Not sure if we will ever be able to take her there because as much as she loves lights and sounds it can be pretty over stimulating. Who knows what she will be like in 10 years or so. Keeping her happy and occupied on her extended Christmas break is all on my mind now. She only went through at least 12 glue sticks since Friday and about 100 pieces of paper with her cut and paste activities.

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